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The 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Women


China’s culture and America’s culture are about as far removed from each other as it’s possible to be. Yet, both nations have at least one thing in common – beautiful women. In fact, it’s fair to say that there are a huge number of Chinese hotties but that they rarely get the media attention they deserve in the United States because they star in Chinese films, music, etc. So with that in mind we bring you the 10 most beautiful Chinese women of all time:

Fan Bingbing


Fan’s gone from being a local celebrity to a global superstar. It was her appearance in the Chinese movie “Lost in Beijing” that brought her some international attention and while the film wasn’t a critical or box office success it brought her offers to star in Iron Man 3, the X-men series and many other films. She has been in the Forbes list of top 100 Chinese celebrities for more than a decade and has never been outside of the Top 10 since 2006. She is also one of the highest paid celebrities in the world so if you can get a date with her – life would be truly golden.

Liu Yifei


Bridging the international divide is Liu Yifei who is a Chinese-American actress and who began her career in the Chinese TV series “The Story of a Noble Family” but it was her role in the “The Forbidden Kingdom” which brought her first big hit. She’s not just an actress though but also a huge star in the Chinese pop scene and she’s also definitely one of the most attractive women in the Chinese world.

Zhang Ziyi


Possibly the best known of all the Chinese beauties on our list; Zhang Ziyi was considered to be one of the “10 most beautiful women in Asia” as ranked by FHM magazine. She’s also one a ton of awards for her acting in the global smash hit movie; “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. Since then she’s starred in the sequel “House of Flying Daggers” as well as Rush Hour 2, Sophie’s Revenge and The Crossing Part 1 among a bunch of other hit movies. She was also considered to be one of the 100 most influential people in the world at one point.

Xu Jinglei


Xu Jinglei, by contrast with our first three list members, is nearly unknown outside of China where she’s one of the most popular actresses of all time. She’s won so many awards from the Chinese film and TV industry that we think she might have had to build a new house just to store them all. We’re guessing it’s a lack of English language skills that are holding her back in the international film arena given that she is smoking hot.

Bianca Bai


If you’d like to cast your eyes away from the mainland and across the strait into Taiwan you’ll find the home of Bianca Bai. Bianca started her career young and was a famous model before she’d even finished school. Then she moved into acting and has been nominated for the Golden Bell award for her role as the best leading actress in a TV series.

Chi-Ling Lin

Lin Chi-ling hd wallpapers (3)

Despite being in her 40s now; Chi-Ling Lin is one of Taiwan’s hottest properties. Peculiarly she gained her fame because she is very similar in looks to one of the Chinese-world’s most popular porn stars; it turns out that guys liked a sweet, natural version of that kind of woman. Since that strange claim to fame propelled her into the limelight she’s won awards for the best Asian star and most popular new actress in Asia too.

Chrissie Chau


Hong Kong produces its fair share of seriously stunning women and Chrissie Chau is living proof of this. Her first film, for which she is famous, is the bizarrely entitled “Womb Ghosts” and when she’s not acting – Chrissie is both a Canto-pop star and a highly paid model. She’s starred in Chinese cinema throughout Asia making notable turns on both Malaysia’s an d Taiwan’s silver screens as well as those in Hong Kong.

Lynn Hung


Another Hong Kong cinema star, though this time one born in Nanjing in the People’s Republic of China, is Lynn Hung. She is one of China’s most well paid models though she does most of her modeling in Hong Kong nowadays. She’s famous for the shape of her – lady assets. In much of Asia most women aren’t terribly voluptuous so when a small framed but generously endowed lady arrives on the scene – it’s a memorable occasion.

Du Juan


Du Juan began her career in the ballet and was one of China’s best dancers before she broke away to begin fashion modeling. She was the very first Asian model to appear on the cover of the vaunted Vogue in Paris. She’s also the person to have spent the most time on Vogue covers in mainland China with nearly a dozen appearances to her credit. Du Juan has worked with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry too including Louis Vuitton, YSL, Gap, etc. When she’s not modeling – she’s acting in Chinese cinema.

Zhang Yuqi (a.k.a. “Kitty” Zhang)

kitty zhang yuqi 6

100% mainland Chinese actress Zhang Yuiq is a serious talent. She’s one of China’s most famous people and has appeared in nearly 20 films in the last 8 years. She’s also been featured in many fashion magazines – including notably a serious piece run in Elle magazine. There’s also the simple fact that she’s smoking hot and we’d expect to see a lot more in the future from Zhang Yuqi when she’s ready to emerge on the international scene.


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