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10 Awesome Box Sets That You Mustn’t Miss This Year



Netflix subscription not enough for you? That’s OK – there’s something purist about binge watching the box set of a TV show and it’s a guilty pleasure that we all like to indulge in at some point or another. So without further ado we bring you 10 awesome box sets that you mustn’t miss this year:

X-Files Event


After a long period of absence Mulder and Scully returned to the small screen this year in X-Files Event. This left fans a little nervous as to how the years had treated the couple and whether it was possible to resurrect their on screen chemistry. Fortunately, for everyone involved X-Files Event turned out to be rather good and while the first couple of episodes were a little slow – they swiftly got back into the groove and delivered plenty of chills and conspiracy theory lunacy for everyone.

The Night Manager


Not a full length series but rather a mini-series based on the John Le Carre novel. Unlike with the recent remake of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy this one has been brought bang up to date and stars Hugh Laurie (of House fame) and Tom Hiddlestone. Be warned it’s a very English production which means it’s a little slower to get to the point than the usual action packed US TV series but when it does ramp up – it delivers. This isn’t suitable for family viewing as it does contain violence and sex scenes.

The Good Wife


The finest courtroom procedural of all time came to an end this year and Julianna Margulies performance as Alicia Florrick will be remembered for years to come. As you’ve come to expect from the show there’s a ton of scheming and back and forth between all the legal teams involved in the cast. If you’re expecting a neat ending prepare to be disappointed though as the ending leaves as many unanswered questions as it does answered ones.

The Big Bang Theory


Season 9 of The Big Bang Theory delivers more of the same but as always it does it so well that you really can’t stop laughing. The whole season is essentially a buildup to Leonard and Penny’s wedding and as you might expect it’s Sheldon that regularly steals the show. As has become traditional with The Big Bang Theory the series ends on a cliffhanger and it’s already been confirmed that it will be back for a 10th season next year.

House of Cards


Kevin Spacey takes the House of Cards into its fourth season and the scheming, intriguing madness continues to turn up the volume. The show has long since departed from the British show that inspired it and continues to deliver what may be the finest performances on American Television since The Sopranos or Breaking Bad finished. Unmissable. Who becomes president at the end of the series? We’ll leave you to find out in the House of Cards.

Game of Thrones


Something changed in Westeros this year and the show is no poorer for it. The TV series overtook the books as author George RR Martin struggled and failed to get the 6th volume finished before filming. This isn’t a bad thing as it means that now TV watchers and book readers are on the same page, so to speak, and there’s no chance of someone dropping a bag of spoilers by accident any more. The sixth series has been greeted with a ton of praise and the final two episodes, in particular, really push the limits of what can be done on the small screen without the production budget of a movie.



It hasn’t even aired yet but the remake of Westworld is one we’re predicting will be a huge hit with fans of the original and those who haven’t even come across the original. The premise is simple, take a theme park of the future in which guests interact with androids for any pleasure they care to indulge in at any point in history. It’s full on debauchery with none of the risks. Then one day, the androids become self-aware and mayhem ensues. It might not have Yul Brynner but it has Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden, Thandie Newton and many other screen greats instead.



Stephen King adaptions are often as miss as they are hit. While you could be forgiven for having skipped the series of Under The Dome – it’s much harder to justify skipping 11.22.63. There are serious elements of his early work The Dead Zone to be found here but it’s also a great story in its own right. The date of the show’s title is the date of the Kennedy Assassination. The show’s star travels back in time to prevent it and what follows is something that only JJ Abrams could deliver as successfully as this.

The Night Of


This is a remake of the BBC show Criminal Justice and was originally intended to star James Gandoldfini before his unfortunate death. As is Riz Ahmed leads as the young Pakistani whose night out with his father’s stolen car leads to his facing a murder charge and he’s defended by John Turturro. The Night Of is a very dark critique of the justice system and society at large but thankfully a large dose of black humor lifts it above depressing into eminently watchable territory.

The Fall


Gillian Anderson makes our list for the second time and this time as the lead Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson. After two seasons of chasing her murderer, played by Jamie Dornan, she finally caught him and as the season closed – he was there dying in her arms. The third season promises very much more of the same and the twists and turns of the show so far lead us to believe that you’ll be on the edge of your seat rather than munching through a ton of popcorn while binge-watching The Fall season 3.


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