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10 Artists Who Don’t Actually Have a Grammy


With the 57th annual Grammy Awards premiering Sunday, its time to take a look and remember those who have tried (and failed) to win the gramophone despite all odds.

1. Katy Perry.

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Yes, the artist who churns out such catchy songs like “I Kissed a Girl” and more recently, “Dark Horse” has never won the award. Maybe luck this time!


2. Snoop Dogg

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 Snoop Dogg (Lion?) has never won a grammy despite dropping hits such as “”Nuthin But a G Thang” and “Drop It Like Its Hot”. Although, he has been nominated 16 times, so I guess that counts for something right


3. Bob Marley

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 This one seems kinda unfair. Marley has inspired many other artists and even after his death songs such as “Buffalo Soldier” are still popular, He may not have won a Grammy in life, but he was honored with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement award


4. Guns N’ Roses

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 Now this one is definitely  unfair. Guns N’ Roses were the most iconic rock band of their era. Who could resist air guitaring to “Sweet Child of Mine”?? Though they were nominated three times, they never received that golden award

5. Nikki Minaj

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 Nikki was nominated six times over, but never actually won. This year she’s up for her hit “Anaconda”. Maybe she’ll win this year


6. Diana Ross

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Diana’s era was long ago, but never forgotten. She was nominated 10 times throughout her career, and finally picked up an award of her own last Grammys, for a Lifetime Achievement


7. Nickleback

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 Nickelback has been nominated six times for a Grammy, but never won. To be honest, its not surprising. Their fan base is limited and tend to be the butt of the joke in music.


8. Kid Rock

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 Kid rock topped charts time after time, and even went no. 1 in eight different countries! In 2009, he was nominated a fifth time, but then lost to John Mayer.


9. Journey

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 Don’t stop believing, Journey! The band has been around since 1973, with members leaving and joining over the years, Despite over 10 singles in the Top 40’s, they’ve only received one nomination (which they lost) in 1997.


10. Led Zepplin

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 The legendary group never even received one nomination. Ouch. They did however, get inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame and a Lifetime Achievement award back in 2005.

Joseph Treviño
Joseph Trevino is a journalist at PopCrunch and has been a popular blogger on social media for two years. He is currently pursuing a degree in creative writing.

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