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The 10 Angriest Celebrities


Celebrity comes with serious privileges attached; unfortunately, there is a group of celebrities who get carried away with their own self-importance. These are the pacifier-spitting, teddy-throwing, raging maniacs of the celebrity world. Today, we bring you 10 celebrities you might not want to get into an argument with:

Mel Gibson


Take a man with a pleasant and admirable on-screen persona and add a little alcohol and what do you get? A racist, homophobic, raging lunatic. On his arrest for driving under the influence Gibson decided to treat the arresting officer to an anti-Semitic rant of epic proportions. Then he blamed the Jewish people for every war the world has ever seen. He has also famously abused his ex-wife and called her names that a polite website, like ours, simply won’t entertain repeating. It seems that Mel is a bit of a Lethal Weapon in his own right and not in a good way.

Chris Brown


There’s nothing that seems to be nice about Chris Brown but it doesn’t seem to have stopped his fans from buying his records. There was that horrible moment when he beat his girlfriend Rihanna. The time he fought with a group of Drake’s people. The punch up in Washington that led to rehab. The scrap in rehab with some of the other people being treated. Seriously, Chris Brown is a mess and it’s probably only a matter of time before his anger gets him locked up.

Naomi Campbell


It’s not just the guys that start throwing tantrums when things don’t go their way. Naomi Campbell, the supermodel, is a superb example of a lady who can’t keep a lid on things. Naomi has had several well-documented moments where she has abused and assaulted her own staff. She’s also been told never to get back on a British Airways flight for attacking the people on the plane. If you get a job offer from Ms. Campbell – it might be best to decline – unless you’re an anger management specialist; in which case – get started please.

Courtney Love


Courtney Love is the rock’n’roll rebel with a passion for punching. Sure, much of this can be explained by drugs and alcohol abuse but none of it can be excused. She was convicted for assaulting Kathleen Hannah, of Bikini Kill, in the early 90s. That didn’t put her off though and in 2004 she went for another female musician; Kristin King. She’s also been arrested on several occasions for other violent outbursts and damaging people’s property.

Alec Baldwin


Another nice guy on TV with serious problems when it comes to dealing with the real world is Alec Baldwin. He is nearly as famous for his problems with the paparazzi as he is for his acting. He’s assaulted at least two journalists. He then called another one a homophobic epithet on Twitter. Then he walked up to a journalist in real life and told he hoped she would die. Of course, that doesn’t mean he can’t be nice to his family – though his 11 year old daughter might say he’s not after he called her a “thoughtless little pig”.

Grace Jones


Another lady who might benefit from anger management classes is Grace Jones. The model and actress is well known for her violent outbursts. Back in 1981, on British TV, she attacked a TV show presenter – Russell Harty- slapping him live on TV. In those days people didn’t fight on TV, ever. She also attacked a train conductor and it took three guards to get her under control and evict her from the train. Why? Because he couldn’t give her a free upgrade to first class.

Mike Tyson


Mike Tyson world-heavyweight boxing champion and possibly the angriest man on the planet. From biting off an opponent’s ear during a fight to assaulting the boxing promoter Don King – Mike simply can’t stop lashing out at people. He’s thumped a parking attendant, assaulted a prison guard, been convicted of rape, and thrown furniture out of the window while fighting with his wife. If you do meet him in a dark alley – running would be a good idea.

Rosie O’Donnell


It’s probably fair to say that some of Rosie’s anger issues are what made her famous. Unlike other people on this list – she doesn’t get into fistfights; she starts world famous feuds and argues constantly with anyone and everyone. Her feud with Donald Trump is one of the best known celebrity public bust ups of all time. Though in fairness to Rosie O’Donnell she does seem to be cooling down from her argumentative peak.

Ivana Trump


The lady who might be the next First Lady has some anger management issues of her own. When she got on a plane in Florida in 2009; she lost the plot completely. The presence of children in the First Class compartment apparently got deeply under her skin. She began to scream “I want to go back home” at the top of her voice. Then she swore at a baby, allegedly. The plane was forced to return to the gate to relieve itself of Ms. Trump.

Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher

The Oasis front man, Liam Gallagher, has made headlines over and over again for all the wrong reasons. He won a prestigious Brit Award and during the acceptance speech he swore and then hurled the trophy into the audience. He’s renowned for starting verbal fisticuffs with other bands – such as his expletive ridden denunciation of Daft Punk’s work. But most of all he likes to keep it in the family and is reputed to regularly come to blows with his brother Noel. Which is why Oasis have never been consistent enough to achieve global greatness.


Melissa Stenson
Melissa Stenson is a senior writer at PopCrunch. She covers movies, tv, and music news. She also writes engaging and fun lists about various pop culture events.

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